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Hello everyone – just wanted to let you know that our comment sections have changed.  You will only be allowed to comment on an entry for 4 weeks, after that – comments will be closed.  This will hopefully still allow everyone enough time to check out the posts and leave a comment if they want to.  We had to close the older entries because we had WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to many spam comments coming in.  We blocked them from ever showing up on the blog, but somebody (me) has to delete each and every one.  And that can take a lot of time (we had 800+ last time I cleaned up the comment sections), time that would be much better served making new posts for you to read!

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Lily’s 10 month photos

Here’s another post using our magic time machine.  Lily’s 10 month photos!  Yes, I know she’s 1 now, but we’re getting there – we have to catch up first before you can see those (they’re sitting on the camera waiting for me).

2, 4, 6, 8, 10!

Lily at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 months of age.

Physically there wasn’t much difference between 8 and 10 months.  Her bottom teeth came all the way in, her hair got a little longer.  Mainly the changes were in abilities.  She started crawling everywhere.  She began picking up foods to eat them with her fingers (bunny cookies being her favorite).  She began successfully mimicking more and more sounds.  She helps put on her clothes, and tries to buckle her car seat when you put her in.  And she adores books.  Can’t get enough of them – which is good.  They’ve become an integral part of her bedtime routine and replaced nursing as the end-of-the-day activity.  She reads her books with Daddy, and then off to bed.  Such a sweet little girl!

Lily looking thoughtful.

Lily looking thoughtful.

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End of Summer Indiana Trip

At the end of summer, everyone made one last trip to Indiana to get together and celebrate Papa Joe’s birthday.  Jacquie, Linda and Meredith stayed at house with Kate, Kelly, baby Shelby, Gabe, Lily and me.  It was a full house!

Kate and Gabe play in the pool.

We swam nearly every day.  Gabe loves the pool and luckily, Kate was there to play lots with him (I was usually in charge of keeping Lily from crawling headfirst into the pool!).  He still talks about the giant inflatable shark and how much fun it was.

Do you have a problem with this?

Baby Shelby (although he’s not really a baby – I need to start calling him something new!) is such a toddler now, with his own personality.  He’s so driven and determined – when he wants something – he gets focused on it and that’s just what he’s going to do.  He loves playing with the vacuum – especially the retractable cord.  I snapped this picture after I asked him if we were done playing with it (obviously not!).

Kate and Kelly hang out.

We also got some very good news from both Kate and Kelly.  There will be lots of kiddies at the house Christmas 2011!  Yay!

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Where did Lietzau Family go???

So sorry for the long hiatus.  We got pretty busy towards the end of August with a trip to Indiana, school starting, our 10th wedding anniversary, Lily’s first Birthday, a trip to New York, Halloween, and then Mike’s birthday.  And once all the pictures and events started piling up, it was daunting to make a post here – where do I start?

I’ll take a page from Julie Andrews in the “Sound of Music” and start at the very beginning (the beginning is a good place to start).  So I’m going to start with few photos that highlight August.

Gabe and Lily go down the slide.

We spent a lot of the summer at the park up the street.  The city of Golden Valley runs a wonderful park program every weekday from 1-4pm.  Lots of neighborhood kids come to the park and play games, work on crafts, and just have a good time.  This was great fun for Gabe.  Often Lily and I would walk down to pick him up and end up play at the park ourselves for a bit too.

Amy and Gabe fish for crappie.

When we could, we also did a lot of fishing with Jacquie.  Largemouth, smallmouth, and rock bass; crappie, sunnies, and bluegills; even the occasional carp or catfish.  So much fun!

Homemade pluot jam with cream cheese - yum!

We also did a lot of canning, mostly jams and sauces.  Such tasty results, and we’re capturing a bit of summer for when it’s all cold and dreary this winter.  Except it’s so good, we may eat it all before the snow starts!   Ah well, we can always make more.  It’s also a good way to deal with the extra veggies from our CSA farm share.

Lily wears her new lemon overalls Amy made.

I also did some sewing.  I’ve really enjoyed making clothes for Lily, and plan to do so until she gets sick of homemade clothes (or it stops being fun – ie, she wants me to recreate things exactly like store-purchased items – what’s the point of that?)

You can see more pictures by checking out the August Wrap Up gallery of pictures here.

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Critters Everywhere!

I’m always surprised (even after 12+ years of living in Golden Valley) how many critters we have in our neighborhood.  It seems I’m always seeing something new.  Here’s a few that we’ve seen this summer:

Oops - he ran away when I tried to get closer

Oops - he ran away when I tried to get closer

The albino squirrel visits us a lot.  Just when I start to worry something has happened to him, he pops up in our yard again.  This time he was peering in the egress window at my while I worked on the computer.  When I tried to take a good picture of him he ran off.  But you can tell he does indeed have pink eyes!

Something hit the window - what is it?

Something hit the window - what is it?

Another day, Gabe and I were upstairs in my room when we heard a loud whump!  Something hit the window, and hard.  I looked out the window and down below but didn’t see anything on the patio so I figured it must have flown off.  A few minutes later Gabe started shouting, “A BIG BIRD!!! I SEE A HUGE BIRD!”  And sure enough – he was perched up above the window on the roof and you could just see his tail feathers.  I went outside to get a better look:

It's a huge hawk!

It's a huge hawk!

It was a hawk – a very big, yet still juvenile hawk.  A pair of hawks nested on Sweeney Lake near Jacquie’s house, and it looks like one of the young ones is trying out his hunting skills on our block.  We’ve seen him many times around our yard – on Gabe’s swingset, below the bird feeder with a squirrel in his grasp, and sitting in our maple tree out front.  I don’t mind him; I think he’s pretty neat looking.  Just don’t go and scare all the song birds away now!

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

Mr. Woodchuck is a newer visitor to our yard, and I’m not so sure I care for him.  About the time he started showing up, I notice my side yard by the tomatoes was all torn up with holes and tunnels.   Now, I’m not sure he did it, but something is wrecking the lawn, and it’s something bigger then just a little shrew…  Woodchucks like to live under sheds and in wood piles I’ve heard, so I’m going to have to clear those out to discourage him from staying around.

Check out the gallery below for more photos of the critters in our yard.


Pictures of the critters in our yard.

8 Photos

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St. Louis Park Aquatic Center

Gabe and I have season passes to the SLP Aquatic Center.  I wasn’t sure we’d get use out of them (and we may not, compared to other families) but they are working out perfectly.  Since we have season passes, I never feel obligated to spend “all day” there to get our day pass’ worth.  If we feel like just going for a couple hours one night, great!  Weather turns south, no worries!  It’s kind of nice.  And so is the park:

Gabe at the SLP Aquatic Center

Gabe figures out what the wheel does.

It is a zero depth entry pool, meaning it gradually deepens from zero to 24 (or 36, I’m not sure which), but is deeper yet after the ropes and in other areas of the pool.  It has slides for little kids and bigger kids, and plenty of sprayers, fountains, and splashy things.

Do you like my hat?

Do you like my hat?

Lily loves to hang out in water (with me) and splash and kick, while Gabe runs all around having a blast.  One of these times I need to get Mike or someone else to come with me so I can take Gabe on the bigger slides.  He’s not sure strong enough of a swimmer to do them completely on his own, and I can’t leave Lily on her own either.  Next time.

Gabe at the SLP Aquatic Center

Gabe at the SLP Aquatic Center

SLP Aquatic Center

Gabe and Lily at the SLP Aquatic Center

10 Photos



Gabe and I went fishing last night at Jacquie and Carol’s.  We went for a canoe ride with Jacquie; I was in the front, Gabe sitting on a tackle box in the middle, and Jacquie in the back of the canoe.  We went to Hidden Lake rather then Sweeney Lake – Hidden doesn’t allow motorboats so it’s better fishing, at least at the time of day we went.  We caught so many fish!

Fishing on Hidden Lake

Fishing on Hidden Lake

Jacquie and Gabe’s poles were set up for crappie, and mine for blue gill and sunnies.  It turns out that’s where it’s at – as fast as I could cast I was pulling in fish!  So we switched over Gabe’s pole, and he was catching them too.  End of the night, Gabe caught the biggest crappie and sunny, while I caught the most fish, as well as the biggest fish – a nice small mouth bass.  Almost caught a wee little pike but he jumped off.  There is a nice variety of fish in Hidden and Sweeney Lake, and I look forward to fishing again!

Fishing on Hidden Lake

Fishing on Hidden Lake

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