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Bath Time!

We took pictures of Lily’s bath yesterday.

Bath Time!

Bath time for 1 month old Lily!

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She’s getting so big!  And we have confirmation of it – today at the doctor’s office we found out Lily is 9lbs. 2oz!  WOW!  It took Gabe forever to get that big, and Lily has done it in a month.  Lily is going to be a baby nothing like her brother, it seems.  He was a difficult baby at night his first few months – up for hours of rocking and walking and crying.  She sleeps like a dream – only waking up once at night after a 5 hour stretch, and then back to sleep for another 3 or 4 hours.  He was easy going and mellow during the day (probably catching up on lost sleep from the night before!) and she’s awake, and often fussy if not being fed or walked around (she’s not content to just sit still).  It’s amazing how different babies can be!

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Gabe lost another tooth

The snaggletooth is no more.  Take a look:

Gabe has lost another tooth!

Gabe's Gap (click to make bigger)


More pictures! Halloween and Family Visit

Here are some more pictures from Halloween and our family visit.

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009 Pictures

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Family Visit - Fall 2009

Katie, Tom, Kelly, Baby Shelby and Grandmother Anita visited us.

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Katie and Tom came out to our house first, and took Gabe trick-or-treating.  Tom and Mike also put together the playset. Later Kelly, Baby Shelby, and Grandmother Anita came.  Baby Shelby is such a cutie! And it was really nice to see Grandmother, I’m glad she was able to come up. It was a full house, but so much fun!

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Lots of Silly Faces

The many faces of Lily!

The many faces of Lily! (click to make bigger)

Mike snapped these pictures all in the span of a couple of minutes.  Lily is so silly – she will make a million different faces, one after another.  So cute!

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New Pictures!

Quick Post – New pictures!  More coming soon – promise!

Lily's Birth

These are pictures from when Lily delivered.

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Hospital Stay

Pictures from our hospital stay (not counting the birth).

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