Springtime has arrived – bring out the blankets!

We are so antsy to get outside once the weather warms up in spring.  As soon as it does – out come the blankets – Yay!

Gabe and Liy play on a blanket.
Gabe and Liy play on a blanket.

Every chance we get to go outside, we take.  We drag out a blanket, lots of toys, and plop Lily down in the middle of the blanket.  She’s mobile now though, so every once and while you have to pull her back onto her blanket as she’s wiggled out into the grass.  She loves to scoot around – arching her back and kicking out with her feet, or rolling over onto her side and wiggling like a worm.  Silly girl!

Gabe has been enjoying the nice weather too.  He will play with Lily (he likes to blow bubbles or tell her a story – either one will thrill her to no end) and play exploring games in the backyard.

These are all the pictures I ended up taking when Katie and Tom were visiting the week before Easter.  Tom had business training in Minnesota and we were so glad we got to play host while they were both in state.  We had such a nice visit – we bought and installed a basket ball hoop, visited Stillwater and hit the antique stores, celebrated Tom’s birthday, hit the Mall of America and Underwater World, tackled the sorting out the garage, had a fire and roasted s’mores.  Such fun!

One Comment on Springtime has arrived – bring out the blankets!

  1. kelly howard
    April, 22nd 2010 at 10:10 am

    I love the belly picture! I miss my little guy being round and plump like that. Thanks so much for posting pictures. I miss seeing her and Gabe. Cant wait for vacation for little man and Lily to splash in the pool together!

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