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2, 4, 6, 8! Who do we appreciate?

Lily! Lily! Lily!

2, 4, 6, 8!

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Lily’s nearly 9 months today (next week).  But we went out of town to Indiana before I got a chance to upload these photos onto the website.  So let’s take the way-back-machine, and jump back a few weeks, and check out Lily at her 8 month birthday.  The biggest change in the last couple months is how well she sits up, rolls around, and interacts with everything around her.  She’s very talkative – and more then just mamamama – she’s got some ba’s and ga’s and lots of silly growls, trills, squeals, and other “sound effects” that can’t really be described.  She’s also is getting her first teeth – the two on the bottom – so lots of drool:

Drooly baby!

Drooly baby!

Thankfully these ones are not bothering her too much.  She’s a bit more cuddly, and a bit less content to just play on her own when we are at Jacquie’s and working, but other then that, she’s taking them in stride.  She does chew everything you give her though – chomps down on spoons, ni-nights, your fingers!  Still sleeping through the night however, so that’s good.  And boy, does she ever adore her big brother.  Which – right now – he thinks is pretty cool.  I’ll remind him of that later when he can’t stand his annoying little sister! 😉

Lily at 8 months

Photos of Lily at 8 months of age.

30 Photos


More photos and posts to come – lots of things to catch up on!

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Happy Birthday, Gabe!

So sorry this post is late, kiddo!  I meant to make this nice wonderful post on your actual birthday, raving about all the cool things you do.  Somehow your birthday always sneaks up on me and this year was particularly bad – we were sooooo busy these last couple of weeks.

So thank you for be such a good kid, and putting up with how busy life gets.  Thank you for being patient, when right now, it seems everything is all about Lily.  Thank you for being such a good brother to her.  Thank you for being such a wonderful little helper.  Thank you for pretty much handling school on your own this year – you’re fantastic the way you now just sit down when you get home from school and do your homework independently for the most part (the spelling, capitalization, and punctuation still get you sometimes).  Thank you for just being you – our amazing, smart, little (but not so little) guy who’s going to grow up to be an inventor/builder extraordinaire!

Gabe building his PC

Gabe building his PC

Gabe got a PC for his birthday this year.  He wanted a computer when he was 4, but we told him he’d have to wait till he was 8.  Little did we know he would remember that and tell us all the time about how he he gets his ‘puter when he turns 8.  We gave him a big box full of parts though – he had to put his computer together himself (with a little help from Dad).

Pictures from his school birthday party will be up soon!

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