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Lily’s 10 month photos

Here’s another post using our magic time machine.  Lily’s 10 month photos!  Yes, I know she’s 1 now, but we’re getting there – we have to catch up first before you can see those (they’re sitting on the camera waiting for me).

2, 4, 6, 8, 10!

Lily at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 months of age.

Physically there wasn’t much difference between 8 and 10 months.  Her bottom teeth came all the way in, her hair got a little longer.  Mainly the changes were in abilities.  She started crawling everywhere.  She began picking up foods to eat them with her fingers (bunny cookies being her favorite).  She began successfully mimicking more and more sounds.  She helps put on her clothes, and tries to buckle her car seat when you put her in.  And she adores books.  Can’t get enough of them – which is good.  They’ve become an integral part of her bedtime routine and replaced nursing as the end-of-the-day activity.  She reads her books with Daddy, and then off to bed.  Such a sweet little girl!

Lily looking thoughtful.

Lily looking thoughtful.

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2, 4, 6, 8! Who do we appreciate?

Lily! Lily! Lily!

2, 4, 6, 8!

Click to make bigger.

Lily’s nearly 9 months today (next week).  But we went out of town to Indiana before I got a chance to upload these photos onto the website.  So let’s take the way-back-machine, and jump back a few weeks, and check out Lily at her 8 month birthday.  The biggest change in the last couple months is how well she sits up, rolls around, and interacts with everything around her.  She’s very talkative – and more then just mamamama – she’s got some ba’s and ga’s and lots of silly growls, trills, squeals, and other “sound effects” that can’t really be described.  She’s also is getting her first teeth – the two on the bottom – so lots of drool:

Drooly baby!

Drooly baby!

Thankfully these ones are not bothering her too much.  She’s a bit more cuddly, and a bit less content to just play on her own when we are at Jacquie’s and working, but other then that, she’s taking them in stride.  She does chew everything you give her though – chomps down on spoons, ni-nights, your fingers!  Still sleeping through the night however, so that’s good.  And boy, does she ever adore her big brother.  Which – right now – he thinks is pretty cool.  I’ll remind him of that later when he can’t stand his annoying little sister! 😉

Lily at 8 months

Photos of Lily at 8 months of age.

30 Photos


More photos and posts to come – lots of things to catch up on!

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Lily at 6 months old!

Our little girl is now half a year old.  It’s amazing how fast time flies… not long ago she was just a wee little thing.

Lily at 2, 4, and 6 months!

I'm getting bigger every day!

She now weighs 15 and half pounds (50%) and she’s 26 and a quarter inches long (50%).  That makes her perfectly proportional and right smack dab in the middle of the pack.  Which means there are some really chubby babies out there, and some really skinny babies (I’m looking at you, Gabe) stretching out the curve.  She seems like such a round little baby to me, but I think my perspective has been seriously shifted by memories of Gabe as a baby.  If she keeps this up, she’s going to pass him (and there’s a 7 year gap)!  Hahaha – no that won’t happen.  I expect she’s start stretching and getting thin once she’s upright and running around.  It’s amazing how babies do that.  One day they are your little chubby babies crawling around on the floor, the next day they are active toddlers running full throttle through the kitchen.

Lily has made quite a few changes over the last two months.  She can roll over from her back to her tummy, and sometimes the other way around.  She can sit up with minimal support, but will still fall over if she reaches for something or looks around.  Another month or two and I think she’ll be able to do it herself.  She’s making all kinds of noises (still more shrieking then I’d like) which by far her “mama” and “yum yum yum” noises are my favorites (although the low growling is very funny – it totally catches people off guard).  She’s eating two solid meals a day (lunch and dinner) and now she’s got some stinky diapers (sorry hon, but you do!).  She’s also sleeping through the night – 8pm to 7am roughly, give or take a half hour either way.  She would have been doing this from the get go, but I resisted cutting out that list middle of the night feeding because she had a tendency to want to get up at 5am then.  Now with the added weight and solid food she seems to be good till 7am and we’re all much happier and rested.  Also – she scoots everywhere.  Laying on her back, she arches her neck and back and kicks out with her feet, scooting up a few inches.  As long as she’s doing that – she’s going to have a bit of a bald spot on the back of her head from rubbing all her hair off.

You can see pictures of her scooting, plus many more.  I took way to many photos of her, but she’s just so adorable!  Enjoy:

Lily at 6 Months

Lily is just too cute and I tried to capture her doing everything she now can do. Which means I took way too many photos!

30 Photos


And here’s Gabe!

Not to leave Gabe out, I took a few pictures of him in a similar get up to Lily’s 2 month photos.  I going to use them to make a little photo montage of Gabe and Lily for Christmas.  This is the best one of Gabe:


He’s such a cute kid!

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Two Months Old!

Lily is now two months old! I took waaaaay too many photos.  I plan on taking photos of her every two months (so 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 months) for her first year wearing a white onsie and on the same quilt.

Lily at 2 Months

Lily at 2 Months

Isn’t she a cutie?!?  We all just love her to pieces.  She has become increasingly social in the last two months, smiling at everyone.  She especially lights up when she sees her big brother Gabe.  She just adores to watch him. Of course she really loves her Mama and Daddy too, but it’s different.  Mama means food, and Daddy means cuddles, but Gabe means entertainment!

Lily at 2 months

Pictures of Lily at 2 months of age.

20 Photos

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