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Skating and Sledding Adventure

Today we had a very fun sledding and skating adventure!  We bought skates today (it took us 4 stores till we found some – most of the stores were out of kid skates this time of year!) and decided to test them out.  So we loaded up Lily in her little sled, grabbed the skates, and headed out to the park.

Sledding and Skating Adventure

Gabe and Lily head to the park.

Lily was kind enough to let Gabe put his skates in the sled he didn’t have to carry them (plus she’s so small she still had lots of room in the sled).  Gabe was very excited to pull Lily to the park.

Sledding and Skating Adventure

Lily likes her sled.

We had just barely enough snow on the roads to use the sled.  The last few days have been very warm so the roads have mostly melted off.  But there was just enough along the edges, except for crossing intersections (SCRAPE across the bottom – ah well!)  Lily is wearing the bunny snowsuit Angie got her for Christmas.  Between that, and the tiny sled, everyone we passed went, “Awwwwwww!”

Sledding and Skating Adventure

Have fun at the park!

Once at the park, I took over pulling Lily to the skating rink while Gabe took a few runs down the sledding hill on his sled.  By the time I’d walked to the rink, he was ready to go.  It went well – Gabe only fell down a couple of times.  I wiped out on the first step on my skates (the slush from the warming house to the rink was SLIPPERY).  After that, we both skated very nicely, Gabe shuffle skating, with me pulling Lily on her sled.  I didn’t get pictures of the skating on account of having my hands full (and trying not to fall down).  Next time!

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All Bundled Up!

Every weekday Lily and I walk Gabe up to the bus stop (corner of Winsdale and Toledo).  It’s been really cold lately (-10 to 5 degrees in the morning), so I’ve been really bundling up Lily – two blankets, one thick flannel, the other super thick and fluffy polar fleece – and tossing her into the sling Kelly borrowed me.

All Bundled Up

All Bundled Up

On most days, that keeps her nice and toasty.  The -10 day we had to walk Gabe up and run back home – it was way too windy and the chill cut right through.  Some days I have her wear her winter snow suit, when she’s all awake.  But if she’s sleepy, blankets are the way to go, because I can lay her down to sleep in her crib once we get home (that usually the case in the mornings).

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